What does it say for your luck when you lose a 4-leaf clover you have found?

I am pretty sure the Irish Saints are shaking their head at me. My sweet husband and I were walking through a garden of large clovers. I was admiring them and asked my husband to find me a four leaf clover knowing that most people live their entire lives without finding one. No joke, he bends over and the first clover he picks is a giant 4-leaf clover of the most beautiful variety. He naturally thought this clover business was a piece of cake. I took a few photos of it and placed it in the pages of a book like it was my most prized possession. After arriving home I placed it within the pages of a nice hard backed book intending to frame it some day. I chose an important book that I love so I would never lose it. Well, guess what? I can’t remember which book I put it in and haven’t been able to find it now for going on two years. Ugh. Saint Patrick and Saint Brigid are surely rolling their eyes at me.




3 thoughts on “What does it say for your luck when you lose a 4-leaf clover you have found?

  1. you have got to find that book. which reminds me I have a dalai lama book of your I borrowed eons ago I still need to return. it’s not in that book though.


  2. That’s something i would like to know too. I also have found a four leaf clover. I had sticked it on a piece of tape ,that’s all I had in the moment so i wouldn’t get damage . I had placed it in my back pack but when I started to look for it ,it was gone idk what happen to it . I’m very sad cause i planned on keeping it for ever but that’s not the case anymore. But i did take a picture of it that’s the only thing i will have to remember it just the picture πŸ˜”πŸ€

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