Parisian Graffiti – Part Deux

There is actually so much interesting graffiti in Paris I quit photographing it and just focused on the art I thought was different, or weird, or interesting in some way.  I couldn’t believe how great some of the art was, how prolific it was, and how it almost seemed to be encouraged in the right locations.

Where is the best graffiti you have seen?  Feel free to link a graffiti post of yours to this one if you would like.  Sharing is caring!  😉

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Paris -Doors part Trois

I hope you enjoy a nice mix of interesting doors from Paris.  Doors that go nowhere, covered passage doors, old doors, and door knockers.  Enjoy.


How cool is this door? It was actually part of a building at once time which has long since been torn down. The French people chose to keep the door. It is just standing there all by itself. I LOVE that.


Surely door knockers can be considered?


Oldest building in Paris.


Covered Passage in Paris


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Thanks to Norm 2.0 for inspiring me to share my doors!

Parisian Graffiti – Part Un

There is no lack of interesting Parisian Graffiti to go around.  Below are a few excerpts of some of my favorites.  Others will be included in future posts surely.

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Giverny Village

Once I had my fill of Monet and his tulips we still had the better part of an afternoon before we needed to take the train back to Paris.  The photographer side of me wanted to go back to take more photos after the light changed but the rain started, and kept coming, and then the wind kicked up.  So, relishing in the country air free from the hustle and bustle of Paris we went for a rainy and windy walk through town.

We had lunch at the Hotel la Mustardiere and visited the church and cemetery where Monet and his family were laid to rest.  We stopped by some antique stores and ultimately escaped the rain at the Musee des Impressionnismes who was holding a Caillebotte exhibit.



We had dinner at the Hotel Baudy which holds an impressionist history of its own.  American artists descended upon it once they found out Monet lived in town.  The hotel was partial to artists and put them up even creating a lovely studio on the grounds for them to work in.

Finally we rushed to the bus that took us out of town and to the train.  We had one final look at the mustard fields that were surely inspiration to Monet once upon a time.



Has anyone been to Giverny or Monet’s garden during a different time of the year that can comment on how different it may have looked?

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Paris – Doors Part Deux

There are so many parts of traveling I enjoy.  Architecture is one of them.  And Doors make a big impact on architecture.  France makes a solid effort at keeping their doors real for sure.


I mean seriously?  Look at this door.  It’s perfect in color, shape, ivy, knob, button…I need to know who lives here.  😉


Not your typical french style door.


Makes you wanna know what’s behind it doesn’t it?


I think a gate can count as a door when there are flowers this pretty behind it.


I don’t even remember where I saw this door but I love everything about it.


Doors on cemeteries count too, right? Pere Lachaise Cemetary.

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Thanks to Norm 2.0 for inspiring me to share my doors!

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Giverny – Monet’s Masterpiece – Part Deux

So, it turns out I had too many photos to put in one post.  So, lucky you I made another!  A pleasant surprise when visiting Giverny was the interior of Monet’s beautiful home.  It took me a lot to put away my camera and to leave the garden but that is exactly what I did.  I didn’t really have any expectations about the house since I really came for the garden.  I was pleasantly surprised by a large house with lots of light that was comfortable and smartly put together.

The lovely building, painted pink and green (it somehow weirdly works), has been lovingly restored to what it looked like in Monet’s day.  Monet had a lovely studio and an apparent love for Japanese art.  It was also a joy to view his gardens from every window and angle in the home.

Additionally, one can walk down to look at Monet’s pond where he painted the famous waterlilies and Japanese bridges.  The tulips followed us and we got a magnificent view of the pond.  The waterlilies weren’t out and the wisteria was only begin to bloom.  But with all the tulip action nothing was going to ruin my mood, not the rain, the clouds, or the cool weather.

Can anyone think of a place that gave more inspiration to a single artist that Giverny?  I am sure they are out there I just can’t think of any.  What about locations, like this, that were built just as an artist’s muse?

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Paris – Doors (Notre Dame)

It’s Thursday!  I have been looking forward to this all week.

Below are a few of my favorite doors from my recent trip to Paris.  There are too many to share in one post so I will likely provide more in coming weeks.  I hope you enjoy.  And as always, I come home from a trip like this wanting to replace the door on my own house…


Door inside the Notre Dame


Door outside the Notre Dame. This door has actually made an appearance on my blog once before. But, look at it! It is magnificent.


Door outside the Notre Dame. It’s spectacular.


Some Graffiti on what look like an old doorway in the Siene just below the Notre Dame

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Thanks to Norm 2.0 for inspiring me to share my doors!

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