Loch Ness – Do you believe?

Years ago I visited Loch Ness. There is something about the area and the lake that fills it full of mystery and shadows.  I was pleasantly surprised with the region and how beautiful and wild it was.  I went for Nessie but I stayed for the beauty.

I snapped this little photo choosing to believe the wake was left by the illusive Nessie.

Railroad Museum – Old Sacramento

I had the opportunity last weekend to visit the Old Sacramento Railroad Museum with my extended family and my new baby. This museum has a wonderful collection of old locomotives and railroad equipment. They even have a mock up of the controversial bullet train planned to go from Northern California to LA. The museum is located in the interesting and fun Old Sacramento district. Upstairs the museum is filled with a very large collection of train toys. The toys were far more interesting to the baby than I thought they would be. The Thomas the train tables and toys will surely be a go-to when he is older! They were a hit with the many toddlers and their exhausted looking parents.

Malkværnskansen Monolith Bornholm, Denmark

Malkværnskansen Monolith sits on the picturesque Danish island of Bornholm.  Google and Wikipedia tell me these stones are a modern erection memorializing a battle in 1645.  Sweden invaded the island ultimately returning it to Danish control after a peace treaty.  The island was even occupied by German and Soviet troops during WWII.

The stones are situated on the coast looking out to the glorious ocean which surrounds the small and now peaceful island.

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Little Church on Bornholm Island, Denmark


My brother Sean and I embarked on a trip to a tiny island south of Sweden which is actually a Danish island called Bornholm.  (Apparently it has gone back and forth between Danish and Swedish rule and currently it is Danish.)  My mother’s family comes from this tiny island.  Our ancestor Magnus sailed from here around the southern tip of South America and up to San Francisco where he homesteaded land near Coloma prior to the gold rush.  He then sailed back and collected his family and made the journey again.  Sean and I visited the island and found ancestors buried outside this lovely little church.  The island is charming and lovely and quiet with very little tourism.

Got Denmark?