Egypt in Silicon Valley

A visit to the Bay Area can always bring something new and random.  The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose is a surprisingly interesting little oasis in the Bay.  The delightfully Art Deco building has a wonderful garden and an adjacent Planetarium should the mood strike you.

Built in 1966 by the Order of the Rosicrucians to support Dr. Harvey Spencer Lewis’ collection the museum has interactive exhibits for children including a downstairs replica to give children a sense of what it is like to excavate a tomb in Egypt.

It was good fun and a welcome respite from the heat.  I would highly recommend it for a few hour visit while passing through San Jose.

How I lived this long and never heard of this museum I will never know…

34 thoughts on “Egypt in Silicon Valley

  1. Very nice. Egyptian art is unique. And the woodwork even more so. There is a section at the Louvre and the British with only woodwork which always… calls my attention. They are more scenes of everyday life and everyday people. The four-winged goddess looks to me more Assyrian than Egyptian… ? Astarté maybe?
    (I have made a note of the museum for our next trip…)

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