Woodland Celtic Games

My brothers and I have been going to the Highland games for as long as I can remember.¬† It’s a fun little festival with something for everyone.¬† Music, dancing, athletics, animals, food, vendors…¬† Well this year and last have been special for me because I get to take my wee one and show him off in a tiny kilt.¬† He danced to the bagpipes and did a little¬†Irish dancing, chased¬†Highland Warriors and¬†Vikings, smiled confidently at Mary Queen of Scots, stared intently at a Scottish Highland Coo (cow), tried his hand at curling, and mostly just ran free like all little boys should.


He might be a little young for a heavy curling stone but kudos to him for trying.


I might be biased but I think my little one was the best dressed at the Celtic games this year. And yes he walks around everywhere with a flower in his hand.


Pipe bands abound.


Not sure where these guys find the time and money to put these outfits and choreographed spectacles together but we were the beneficiary.


One of my favorite things to watch…big guys hurling heavy things.


The girls are fierce in their flinging of heavy things as well!


Birds of prey were on display.


Toad Hall Book Store – Nevada City California

Welcome to the best book store in Northern California. Yes, we may have bigger, newer, more consistent, or even those with same day shipping. But, no book store is as quaint, personal, and surprising. I can always find something here. It is never what you expect to find and it is always a treasure. Please come here and find happiness if only for a moment.

This post is also in response to Cee’s B & W Storefront challenge!