San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

Golden Gate Park is full of surprises and pleasant escapes from the rest of the City. It is certainly up for “Best Park in America” if you ask me which no one ever does…

I digress. One of the many treats in Golden Gate Park is the Conservatory of Flowers.  It was like a trip back to Victorian times only more humid.

And where better to try out my new iPhone XS?  The portrait feature is a lot of fun providing some fake depth of field by blurring out the background of your subject. The phone is particularly better taking photos in high and low light compared to previous versions. (Thank you Apple for finally improving that.) Some of the filters are comically bad from a real photography perspective but they are fun from a, well, fun perspective.  Bottom line, the phone takes a much much clearer photo than before which I appreciate considering the obscene price.

It’s the City by the Bay.  The City that Rocks.  The City that Never Sleeps. We Built this City on Rock and Roll!  ~Jefferson Starship, We Built This City

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Aerospace Museum of California-Sacramento

“I feel the need…the need for speed!” ~Top Gun

The little one and I recently survived our first airplane flight to visit family in Arizona. (Delays going and delays coming and a bomb threat but we made it).  I digress, but now he knows what an airplane is and even knows the sign for one.  I figured it was a good time to take him to the Aerospace Museum of California located at McClellan Park in Sacramento, formerly McClellan Air Force Base.  The museum has an interesting collection of all sorts of airplanes, helicopters and engines of all vintages.  They are focued on educating young folks and getting them interested in flight.  My favorite highlight was seeing the flight simulator room created for the purposes of teaching kids STEM.  Well, that and watching my baby pretend to fly the planes.  (See photo below of him in the small white airplane cockpit.)  He very much enjoyed climbing on the airplanes and helicopters which were opened graciously to the public.  The idea of him flying one of these things in the future is something I can’t even fathom…