Wide Open Walls 916 – Sacramento larger than life

Whenever something brings me downtown it’s always fun to try and find some new murals. After a few years of the festival murals are everywhere ripe for the picking. Murals wrap every side of this building making it far more interesting than it likely was before! Do you have any good street art where you are?

Wanna see the front door?  Check out my Thursday Door post!

Tacos on the Beach

I will let you in on a secret.  This is not my first visit here.  Many years ago a friend asked me to drive her and her family to the ocean which I was happy to oblige.  I left it up to her to pick the beach.  She said to me sheepishly, “Well, I heard there was a Taco Bell on the beach, we kind of have to try that, right?” Hey whatev.  I am game.  how bad could it be?

Well, this Pacifica Taco Bell certainly has the best Taco Bell location anywhere.  The beach is spectacular any day of the week.  And as far as Taco Bells go it’s pretty fun.  *Note the fireplace with picture window out to the waves.

After a recent visit to the San Francisco Zoo I found myself with a napping toddler in the car so we drove South and landed here in Pacifica to play on the beach a little bit.  I couldn’t resist posting about the Beachside Taco bell, sandy floors and all.

Unexpected Icicles

A visit to the old Donner railroad tunnels, up in Sierra snow country, proved colder and icier than we expected. I visited here once a long time ago and hiked through all the tunnels to the end. At the time I was blown away that the tunnels even existed, that people could walk through them, and that people took the time to make street art within them.  I wanted to visit again to share the place with my small son who was excited at the prospect of walking on railroad tracks without “worrying a train would come.”  I was also excited to share such a random find with all of you.

Well, it turned out the snow, slippery ice, and enormous icicles prevented us from going all the way without crampons, hard hats, and more courage. I’m glad I packed our snow gear “just in case.” At least what we could see was super cool and enhanced by the Bond Villian-esque icicles.

These old railroad caves/tunnels can be found off of the employee parking lot at the Donner Ski resort. They are such a cool and random place to visit. I’ll have to come back in the spring and update the post with some additional photos when we can actually make it through without risking broken ankles or the occasional hibernating bears!


Waiting for spring

It’s that time of year again where mother nature is toying with us by giving us a few nice weather days.  But, experience shows we have some more wet weather and snow before it’s all said and done.  I am grateful for the reprieve. Cheers everyone.

Muir Beach, California

My parents used to take us to Stinson Beach as kids.  I haven’t been back in some time.  Who knows why.  Do you ever remember something from childhood and want to see it again to see if your memory is correct or not or to see what may have changed?  Well, I stopped by Muir Beach on the way to Stinson with my son and it turns out it is nothing like I remember.  Either that or it has changed so much I don’t recognize it.

Regardless Muir Beach, situated just north of San Francisco outside of Larkspur and Mill Valley, was spectacular and my son had a blast playing in the sand.  He certainly thrives on the beach as do many of us.

California’s beaches are typically very cold and windy year round in the north part of the state opposite of what many people think.  But, that didn’t stop the surfers in their dry suits who make me cold just looking at them.  We ended up spending the better part of a morning at this beach because my son didn’t want to leave.  Who can argue with that?



Beautiful sea view and beautiful view of my happy baby digging in the sand.