Wide Open Walls 916 – Dragonflies and Coffee

Old Soul Coffee in downtown Sacramento is participating in the Wide Open Walls 916 festival along with many downtown businesses. Lots of cars and signs were obscuring the wall so I took a few closeups of dragonflies which were my three year old son’s favorites. (He loves bugs right now much to his mother’s chagrin.) Put down your fly swatters these dragonflies are here to stay.

Wide Open Walls 916 – Man in Black

Someone is a fan of Johnny Cash. So much so they dedicated the side of an entire hotel to him! Well, my parents were in need of a trip out of the house so I took them on a mural tour of downtown Sacramento. It was a fun idea because we didn’t even need to get out of the car. My Dad wanted to see Johnny so Johnny it was. It’s pretty amazing to think someone painted a mural this large. The logistics of it alone are mindboggling. If you are a fan and are interested in seeing a trail dedicated to the Man in black check out an older post of mine related to the Johnny Cash Trail in Folsom, California.

Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant

Years ago the Sacramento area was powered by nuclear. From off in the distance you could always see the twin cones. As a kid I was sure if you got too close your face would melt off like the bad guy in Indiana Jones. Well, the days of nuclear are gone and solar has moved in. What seems like hundreds and hundreds of acres of solar panels now surround the power plant. (They own the property so why not!?) And also the power company hosts a beautiful little campground where campers can enjoy a lovely tree surrounded man-made lake. (I have to assume this lake was built for the purposes of melt down but what do I know.) Anyway, I digress. I’ve always found the smoke stacks interesting looking and thought I would finally stop in for a quick visit and a few photos. Hopefully I am none the more radioactive for it. Cheers!

Loon Lake Ashes

With COVID and the California fires it was time to flee the city. We went up to the family cabin and took a short drive to visit the beautiful Loon Lake. This lake is magnificent and on this day it was showing off. Sadly, a large fire broke out nearby yesterday which has me nervous for the emergency personnel, our cabin, anyone still in the area, and of course the wildlife. It seems California is on fire again and our friends to the north in Oregon are burning up too. Fire season likely won’t be over until December… Send any spare good vibes to the West Coast please. We could use them. #2020

Wide Open Walls 916 – Geometric

This mural is at the top of an escalator outside the new Golden One Center. It is vivid and bright and cheerful and I love it. It’s more polished than some and my OCD side super appreciates the perfect lines. It is protected under cover and likely will be with us for some time which is great. Click here and let me know how it stands up to some of the other street art from this summer and previous years of the Wide Open Walls 916 street art festival.