Bottlebrush buds bursting

We used to have one of these bushes in my yard growing up and I have one in my current house. They never cease to fascinate me these buds. Mother Nature must get bored occasionally and think, “what kind of crazy thing can I come up with now?” Check out the individual buds on this tree! It is amazingly prolific and the bees and hummingbirds flock to it without fail. I love this tree and felt I must share it’s awesomeness with you flower fans fore it is bursting before my eyes!

Spring iPhone NURSERY photos… but not the kind this Mama normally sees

Ok so clearly by the lack of regular posting this last year it is clear I have my hands full in the home nursery. But, true to form, my little guy’s favorite thing to do is to observe and smell flowers and just generally be outside. Sooo…we spend a lot of time at a few local flower nurseries so both of us can get some fresh air and smell the flowers as it were. I hope you enjoy a few lovely little iPhone shots that aren’t too shabby considering it’s not my good camera and my other hand is wrangling a high energy toddler!

Happy Spring wherever you are. Are the flowers out and proud in your end of the word?

This dogwood won the prize for prettiest flower of the day for meThese blooms look like they are in a race to see who can bid first. It’s fun to take he time to watch the buds slowly openHard to tell if I am in California or Hawaii!This is one of the most beautiful plants I’ve ever seen. I did the right thing and left it for someone with a green thumb to purchase so it may actually survive. :)

McKinley Park Rose Garden – Downtown Sacramento

McKinley Park is an iconic downtown Sacramento park. I have been coming here for years. There is no better time to visit than during the spring Rose Flush. This park and these roses are a spark of what is perfect about the Northern California region this time of year. Spring is springing and the heat of summer isn’t depressing and making us flee yet. The aroma of new roses mixed with the citrus smell of surrounding tree buds is enticing. The birds are chirping, mothers are strolling their babies, and it is impossible to be sour in this setting. Many a bride has been married in this very spotColors only Mother Nature can perfect Volunteers keep the roses ship shape hereThis tree is amazing!Perfection in pinkWish I could share the smell with you through your screenA sign of what’s to come

Foggy Sacramento Morning

Greetings from a foggy Sacramento morning. Typically the weather turns for us here around Halloween. I feel likes it’s only just starting now a bit late. Running errands in Sacramento today made it feel like winter especially stumbling upon workers getting the Christmas tree ready for the tree lighting at the state capitol.

The capitol sits on a splendid park which I need to properly photograph for you one of these days. I’ve photographed countless weddings here and photoshoots on the capitol steps. I suppose because of that I never head down for fun to shoot the park.

Workers setting up for the tree lighting at the capitolThe tower bridge is an icon of Sacramento. Its beautiful golden color shines bright day and night. Foggy morning over the Tower bridgeThe Crocker Art Museum is a world class art museum which has grown leaps and bounds over the years. It’s a must visit location when in Sacramento. Stroll along the river walk when you are done and finish at one of the wonderful eateries in historic old town Sacramento. The Crocker Art museum has changed so much since I was a kid but it remains a Sacramento icon and travel staple

Happy Fall and early Winter everyone. Stay warm!

Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is an institution that I’ve been visiting since I was born. It is a world class aquarium highlighting every part of the sea and it’s glorious creatures. It keeps getting better and better despite the heavy crowds. One could, and likely should, spend multiple days visiting the aquarium early in the morning to avoid crowds and frustration. Below are a few highlights from my humble iPhone. In the afternoons and evenings, to avoid crowds, visit the beautiful Los Lobos State Park, Carmel-by-the-sea or eat in the quaint Pacific Grove. The touristy area immediately surrounding the aquarium is a bit too peoply for me so evacuate and head for the surrounding charm. 

Have you ever been? The aquarium has changed so much over the years. They do wonderful work and deserve every ounce of success.

San Francisco’s Ghirardelli Chocolate

You must go here. It’s crowded but the hot fudge, my friends, is worth the wait. Not many touristy places will get my endorsement, especially in San Francisco, but you must trust me here. If any part of your tooth is sweet bring them here. 

Interestingly enough you can get a hot fudge Sunday just like this at AT&T park while watching the Giants play. Who needs beer and hot dogs when they can have this?

Postcard from Historic Roseville,California 

I recently posted a postcard from Sacramento so I though I would shine some light on the city to the north, Roseville, California.

Roseville has roots in the railroad and the telephone. I mostly drove right past as a kid on the way to Lake Tahoe and ignored it altogether. But, a revitalized old town is a fun draw. Food trucks, Irish bars, tattoo parlors, craft beer, theatre and a few very solid restaurants are bringing life back to downtown Rosy. 

Miserable cup of Joe but A+ ambiance.

Wasn’t expecting too see this flag here…

Love the image on the side of these locomotives

Who wouldn’t want to work remotely from here?!

I’ll be the first to admit that pizza on the west coast can barely be classified as pizza but this place makes a solid effort!

I really enjoy coming here partially because of the ambiance and partially because the crowds tend to gravitate towards the mall and newer areas. It was the perfect place to relax for a quick afternoon stroll with Mr.Baby.

High Hand Nursery

Sometimes just getting out of the house for some fresh air can turn in to something delightful. The High Hand Nursery in Loomis, California is a lovely place to shop for your garden and a wonderful place to enjoy a quasi-botanical garden. And, they have a pretty darn good restaurant too! 

My little one is so interested in animals. He is fearless which makes me happy and scares me equally as much.

I’ve been lamenting lately that it seems we have fewer butterflies than when I was a kid. Anyone else notice that?

Sometimes you randomly run in to a stranger with a bird who teaches your cousin how to make it play dead! (Can’t make this stuff up.)

The trip out turned in to my favorite thing to do. Photograph flowers. Not too shabby for cell phone shots. 

Here’s to the end of summer! Bring on the fall!