Lemay Car Museum – Seattle Washington

It’s really no secret that I am willing to travel anywhere. I seem to find enjoyment and interesting things and people anywhere I go. (Not to say anyone has to twist my arm to get me to Seattle.) But, it was my husbands birthday and I wanted to take him somewhere to celebrate. He is a Car Guy so I thought it would be fun to take him to a big car museum. We very much enjoyed visiting the LeMans Car museum in France and so I thought I would search something out a little closer to home. The car museums make my husband happy and I get to have something to photograph with consistent lighting that doesn’t move, cry, or complain! The two big museums that came to mind were Lemay in Seattle and the Ford museum in Michigan. So, I made the logical decision and went with the cheapest airfare which was of course was Seattle. The weather was amazing and the city was welcoming.

The museum did not disappoint. It had gorgeous architecture and was full of interesting and top rate cars. It turns out looking at my photos again that I must enjoy photographing the details more than the entire car. So, the results are lots of bits and pieces of cars and very few shots of the entire thing! I hope you enjoy them.















Seattle gets prettier every time…

Seattle gets prettier every time I go there.  In fact, it probably doesn’t get enough credit for its beauty.   A city surrounded by water and lovely mountains deserves attention.  And when you add world class attractions, public art, top rate museums, markets, and delicious food it really is a perfectly lovely way to spend a weekend.  (I suppose when the rain and clouds settle in for most of the year people might think different but it seems every time I visit I bring the glorious weather with me!)

My husband and I flew up for the weekend to visit the Lemay car museum.  (Another post for another day.)  While in town we visited the space needle, the aquarium, Pike’s Place market, the underground tour, and the EMP museum (Music, sci-fi, and pop culture.  What’s not to like there?).

The highlight of the trip for me was stumbling across the Pink Door Italian restaurant.  We just happened to be walking by and saw people eating on a beautiful balcony with an amazing view of the bay.  We walked around trying to find the entrance to the restaurant and couldn’t find anything but a pink door with no name.  We opened it and voila!  I’ll never eat anywhere else in Seattle again!






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