Cee‚Äôs Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #14 – Scottish Tartan Cabs – Edinburgh

Hello all, I caught this little beauty near Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh Scotland. ¬†I am pretty sure he was a taxi cab but I would love to just think some normal guy was driving around in a car like this. ¬†I mean, wouldn’t you? ¬†Seeing little things like this are what travel is about for me. ¬†I thought I would share my odd ball photo as part of Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge. ¬†For more strange and interesting photos check out her Odd Ball Photo Page! ¬†Cee’s Odd Ball.


And for more car related photos check out my post on LeMans Car Museum and LeMay Car Museums.

Black and White Challenge – Day Four – Cars

I accept the challenge to post five black and white photos for five consecutive days this week. They ask that we include our black and white and its original match and I threw in some extras for fun.

I was challenged by Indah Susanti.  Indah has a gorgeous travel blog specializing in underwater photography.  I encourage you to check it out.

As part of the challenge I am encouraged to challenge another blogger I am connected to each day.  Today I challenge

Andrew Petcher @ Have Bag Will Travel. Andrew is a prolific blogger writing great posts after great post about all of his experiences.  I hope you will check out his blog.

The photos included in this challenge are from the LeMans Auto Museum in LeMans, France.  It was a lot of fun to take photos of these old beautiful vehicles.  And once I got them home they were begging to become black and white.  I hope you enjoy some of my favorites.








I throw this last one in as good measure seeing it on the streets of Paris on the same trip…