Coloma drive-by

With quarantine and social distancing still in full affect here in Northern California it was high time for a drive.  Rest assured I stayed in my car and didn’t come within miles of other people.

Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park in Coloma, California is a family tradition.  Gold was discovered at this site which ultimatly launched the California Gold Rush.  I panned for gold here dozens of times as a kid.  My mother and Aunts took all of us kids here a lot as children as it isn’t far from where they all grew up in Gold Country.  The site is a lovely place for a picnic on the river.

The historic park is typically full of cars, field trippers, hikers, picnickers, etc.  It was pretty sad to see it totally quiet and absent of people with doors shuttered.  As a travelor I always lament scores of people and hate crowds.  But, I wish they were back as it would be a sign of everyone’s health, the economy, normalcy, and everyone’s general mental well being.

Where is the first place you are going to travel when we can safely do so?  What have you learned while isolating?  What have you come to appreciate that perhaps you once took for granted?  I hope all of you are well and I can’t wait to read about your travels as soon as it is safe to do so again.