Paris Canals

After visiting Pere Lachaise Cemetery we took the metro to Colonal Fabian to take a walk along the Canals eventually winding up at Republic.  We had an amazing lunch at the Atmosphere Cafe and meandered up and over every bridge we encountered.  This is a lovely part of Paris with lots of options for shopping and food and well worth a trip off the normal tourist path of Paris.


Submitting as part of Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge.


Paris Passages

One of the many things that make Paris interesting and different than a lot of other places is its Passages.  These passages connect streets together though either covered or uncovered passages.  Some of them show a lot of age and heritage where others are industrial and stark.  Any opportunity we got we walked through them just to see what we encountered as we walked through them and to experience what we would find on the other end.

This post was inspired by Cee’s Which Way Challenge.