Ode to the Full Irish Breakfast

Ireland and its people are wonderful. I would recommend a visit for anyone.  The history, the music, the castles, the neolithic art and archaeology, the mysticism, all reasons to visit.  But, one thing can be found in Ireland that cannot be found in many other places.  The full Irish Breakfast.

In many of Ireland’s B&Bs the full Irish breakfast is served and makes staying at said B&B even more worth it.  This breakfast will set you up for the day making it so lunch may not even be necessary.

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day please enjoy some full Irish Breakfast photos taken at the impeccable Riverstown Country B&B in Rathfeigh County Meath!  This B&B was originally built in the early 1700’s and still boasts a lovely thatched roof.

IMG_4650           IMG_4651

IMG_4652           IMG_4655

IMG_4657              IMG_4648