Dark Hedges – Ballycastle Northern Ireland

While motoring through a place I often find myself looking for interesting places to “stop along the way.”  I scheduled a lot of driving in our most recent Ireland trip and needed a break to get out and stretch.  Andrew with Have Bag, Will Travel suggested visiting Dark Hedges if I happen to be in the area.  It seems this location is one of many Game of Thrones filming locations in the area.

Well, with a slight detour, we traveled through Ballycastle, Northern Ireland and took a stop at the Hedges.  Gracehill House is a Georgian Mansion built by the Stuart family in the 18th century.  Beech Trees were planted along the approach to the house as a way to impress visitors.

The trees are mesmerizing and stunning in a simplistic sort of way.  No grand gardens were required here.  Just magical and seriously impressive trees growing over one another begging people to walk down their path.

I have always been drawn to tree lines driveways in Ireland, the American South, and anywhere the home owners have the patience and forethought to plant something they may not have the lifespan to fully enjoy.  I am grateful for the Stuarts to think of me, who might, two hundred years later still enjoy the spoils of their efforts.

I’m not kidding when I say I was so taken by this place we barely noticed the actual Georgian Mansion the trees led visitors to.


The Dark Hedges are located along Bregagh Road, near Gracehill Golf Club, off the A147, approximately 2.5 miles from the village of Stranocum heading north.
*I also submit this entry to Cee’s Which Way Challenge!