Random San Francisco – Lincoln Park Stairs

Let’s hope decorative stairs are a trend in San Francisco!  I love decorative stairs.  Why not make something benign in to an art installation?  Why not attract people to something interesting like this?  And if anyone will do it San Francisco will do it!  Thanks to a local school’s efforts and lots of donations we have another wonderful example of decorative stairs.  I posted about the 16th Avenue Mosaic Stairs a while back.  I think the 16th avenue stairs win the contest only because they are taller, they sparkle in the sunshine, and they tell a story.  These however, are lovely and interesting, and are flanked by some lovely trees overlooking the beautiful Lincoln Park.  The steps can be found at Lincoln Park @ the California Street dead end.  Have a walk up and stroll to the Legion of Honor for lunch at the café and some world class art.

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