Maple Rock Calla Lillies

I have always had a fondness for Calla Lilies since my Grandmother had a yard full of them.  I found the color and shape of these from the Maple Rock Garden Bloomtastic event interesting and unusual.  They look park leaf, part flower, park lili pad to me.

This concludes my Maple Rock Gardens series.  I hope you have enjoyed your macro garden tour!  Thank you for joining me.  Be sure to tip your driver!





Finding beauty in the mundane at Maple Rock Gardens

My macro lens is attracted to random details trying to make something on the moderately mundane level beautiful by bringing it up close.  Welcome to  Maple Rock Gardens Bamboo garden from up close!  I hope you enjoy your tour.  If you close your eyes and listen to the leaves rustle you might imagine we are in the rain forest together somewhere tropical and warm.  I can hear the ocean, can you?


The Leaves of Maple Rock Gardens

The angles and lines of these leaves are so beautiful to me.  The colors are striking in a way only Mother Nature can perfect.  I could have spent hours at Maple Rock Gardens bending and squatting and trying different perspectives on these leaf models.  Even standing in the same spot for a few minutes at a time allowed for the lighting to change enough to modify the mood and look of the leaves.  If you haven’t noticed yet I find the details of mundane things interesting and artistic from the macro perspective.  Thank you for giving me an outlet to share!  I hope you enjoy them too!



Maple Rock Gardens – Bloomtastic 2018

High Hand Nursery hosts a “Bloomtastic” event every year at the private gardens of Maple Rock Gardens in Newcastle, California.  The gardens were prepped and primed like a floral Christmas.  The weather was perfect, the bees were buzzing, and the macro lens was out.  It was a pleasure to see so many families out enjoying the garden with their children in the beautiful weather.  In a world of video games, malls, and traffic, it was heartening to know that people still love a great garden.  Please enjoy a snapshot of spring from my favorite macro perspective.

In coming weeks I have prepared multiple posts from these beautiful garden each focusing on a different aspect.  Thanks for visiting the garden with me!  Enjoy your tour.

*For those of you camera nerds out there I was playing with my friend’s Sekonic C-700-U color light meter during this outing and I am totally and utterly in love.  I don’t just like it.  I love it. I wish I could marry it I love it so much.  The accuracy of this tool in conjunction with my Nikon D800 is a match made in photography heaven.  I must have one.