My happy place…part two – Garden of Eden Botanical garden in Maui, Hana Highway

I think it is time to share part two of my Garden of Eden flower series!  (See My Happy Place part one!) The Garden of Eden Botanical Gardens in Maui (along the Hana Highway) are breathtaking.  The location is sublime and the gardens are out of this world.  It is a photographer’s delight.  I only wish I could go back there every few months and always catch whatever is in bloom.

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My happy place…part one – Garden of Eden Botanical garden in Maui, Hana Highway

I truly have many happy places sprinkled all over the world. But. the Garden of Eden Botanical garden in Maui was certainly a special one. . Traveling down the Hana Highway we decided to make an unplanned stop here because I have an affinity for botanical gardens. Well it was here that I took some of my favorite photos! (Don’t get too excited those photos will come another day…) The main photo here has always been one of my favorite views! It seems to have everything to make just about anyone feel at peace.