Stop and Smell the Roses at McKinley Park in Sacramento

Its been hot in the Valley so a visit to the lovely rose garden at McKinley Park in Sacramento was in order early in the morning. It was also best considering social distancing guidelines and not particularly wanting to be close to people at this time. Well, the kiddo and I enjoyed our visit. He smelled every rose declaring which ones smelled good and which ones were inferior. He also spent the better part of two hours picking up wayward petals throwing them in the garbage can which is his favorite pastime. We have a budding Gardener on our hands friends. Stay cool and Stop and Smell those roses.

McKinley Park Rose Garden – Downtown Sacramento

McKinley Park is an iconic downtown Sacramento park. I have been coming here for years. There is no better time to visit than during the spring Rose Flush. This park and these roses are a spark of what is perfect about the Northern California region this time of year. Spring is springing and the heat of summer isn’t depressing and making us flee yet. The aroma of new roses mixed with the citrus smell of surrounding tree buds is enticing. The birds are chirping, mothers are strolling their babies, and it is impossible to be sour in this setting. Many a bride has been married in this very spotColors only Mother Nature can perfect Volunteers keep the roses ship shape hereThis tree is amazing!Perfection in pinkWish I could share the smell with you through your screenA sign of what’s to come