Random San Francisco – Part Two – Sixteenth Avenue Mosaic Staircase

As previously mentioned in Random San Francisco – Part One – Seward Mini Park, the weird/unusual/strange/fun/tasty keep me coming back to San Francisco as often as possible.  Its been around 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) in Sacramento.  And when it gets hot like this I start migrating like an animal to the cooler climates.  San Francisco is regularly about 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees) Celsius which in my book is a lot better.

A while back I visited the Sixteenth Avenue Mosaic staircase @ sixteenth avenue/moraga street and was blown away.  I went back for another visit to check it out again.  This time me and half of San Francisco was visiting at the same time!  The area is very hilly and multiple pedestrian staircases exist through the neighborhoods.  It appears some genius decided to make the very long and steep staircase in to a piece of art and well…it is a masterpiece.

The staircase starts with the sun and the moon, the water, the earth, and the streams ultimately meeting up with the sea.  A lovely view of the ocean can be seen from the staircase and leaves you with the feeling that the staircase is actually feeding right in to the ocean.

If you walk to the top and keep going it takes you up to a 360 degree vantage point of the San Francisco skyline that is second to none.  It is a wonderful and free place to visit that encompasses the San Francisco vibe in frankly an unimaginable way.  Kudos to the brains that thought this idea up and executed it.

What’s your favorite random San Francisco location?

For more information on the steps click here!

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