The Tulips Are Blooming, Queen Wilhelmina’s Garden

Queen Wilhelmina’s Garden in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco was in full bloom showing off its Tulip Magic. The tulips were planted in the shadow of the impressive and iconic windmill which overlooks the underrated Ocean Beach. As is usual for San Francisco the crowds and parking were frustrating yet it was still a nice visit and a great excuse to exercise my Macro lens. No visit to San Francisco is complete without a visit to Golden Gate Park. But please, whatever you do, go in the morning on a weekday or it might ruin the fun for you.

Tulip Time

It’s tulip time in my backyard! Ever since visiting Monet’s Giverny outside of Paris and also Crystal Hermitage in the Sierra Foothills and having my Tulip mind blown I have wanted to plant some of my own. I kind of went nuts last fall and planted an enormous amount. Here is one of my favorites for spring. Sending you sunshine and light from sunny California.

Giverny – Monet’s Masterpiece

I came here for the waterlilies and left with a camera full of tulips.  About an hour train ride outside of Paris I found Giverny to be truly magnificent.  It is no wonder that the impressionist Master Claude Monet built this house and garden and made it his muse.  There truly is no reason to go anywhere else.  (That’s big talk from a restless traveler like me.)

It was a smidge early for spring and quite cool and rainy so I set out for Giverny hopeful that anything at all would be in bloom.  Well, to say I was surprised was an understatement.  The tulips were in force and I was enthralled.  I have truly never seen anything like it and I have seen a few gardens in my day.

It’s times like this I forget my camera could be destroyed by the rain.  But, I didn’t even care.  A rainbow of colors and shapes caught my eye for hours.  And thankfully mother nature was merciful enough to hold off the heavy rain long enough for me to get some shots.

It was a privilege to visit this place and I am left wanting to come back in every season.  Wouldn’t it be great to see those water lilies in bloom?  The roses climbing across the central pathway?  The trees in their fall colors?

For now I am so pleased to have spent the day with the tulips.  I hope you enjoy them half as much as I did.

Who wants to plant some tulips?  Has anyone even seen bulbs like this in their home town?

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