I’ve been ruined by good, nay perfect, bread

There is seriously nowhere to get a decent Baguette outside of France. No I am not trying to be a travel/food snob. I’m really not. It’s just the plane truth. The closest thing I have found is Cafe Beaujolais in Mendocino village. The sandwich pictured was actually from a roadside gas station and it was still superior to anything I can find here.

This is the ups and downs of travels friends. I am happy because I have tasted Baguette heaven but then it leaves me always lamenting the lack of anything comparable in our beautiful state. Until I find myself in France again I am happily reminded of its gloriousness by this photo.


5 thoughts on “I’ve been ruined by good, nay perfect, bread

  1. Ugh… Now I’m hungry. I had a similar problem when I was coming home from Germany! At the German airport they sold these giant seasoned salt pretzel like thingy. They had it sliced once to make two sandwich-like layer and slathered the insides with some sort of seasoned cream cheese mixture. So simple sounding yet I have not been able to recreate it or find another in the US.


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