Something isn’t quite right about this place

I recall sauntering down a street in Paris attempting to take in all the sites and beauty the city has to offer. Paris is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world yet it is also obscure and unusual and interesting in a quirky sort of way. I am afraid the quirky side of Paris probably doesn’t get enough credit. I love this photo and love this building. If you walk by too fast you will never notice. But, if you stop and look at it a little closer you will see everything is crooked. I just love it. I think this business has a ton of personality and I am glad it stopped me in my tracks.

If you look close you can see my reflection in the window and Eric attempting to be patient with my obsessive photo taking…


4 thoughts on “Something isn’t quite right about this place

  1. Rue Saint-Paul. Le Marais. Indeed everything askew. Most of the buildings there are so.
    (It is one of the oldest standing parts of Paris)
    I now understand why you were intrigued at the things I “saw” in DC. “Beauty lies in the eye…” (I think you said that in another post. What you see also tells about who you are. The things that catch your eye reveal a lot about you.
    I’ve always thought a painting tells us what was in the painter’s head. Think what was in Jackson Pollpck’s head! This picture of Rue St-Paul comes to us through your eyes, it’s been inside your head.
    Tells us (a bit) more about you. (With or without the reflection)
    Be good. Keep shooting. Houses, please, not people.

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