French Street Art – Paris

Street art has gotten quite popular these days. Like any art it is in the eye of the beholder. What was once, and often still is, considered illegal graffiti some is done with such skill it is hard to avoid enjoying them.

Below are a few photos, courtesy of my good friend Manuela Renz, during a trip she took to Paris a few years ago. I have always liked them even using them as my screen saver at work occasionally. It has always struck me as fun to see interesting art like this in a City known for its world class masterpieces nearby in the Louvre, other museums and chateaus throughout France.

147 2 20 Rue Ferdinand Raynaud (2) 54 1 6 Rue Vavin

628 6 6 Rue Bonaparte Academie Beaux Arts and street sign (

XX 6 art woman in red


5 thoughts on “French Street Art – Paris

  1. A great selection. Not that easy. Unfortunately there is a world between “street art” and tagging somebody else’s wall. Never the tagger’s wall.
    I particularly liked the lady in red. A very classy “not-tag”.


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