Global Table Adventures – Sasha Martin

I was introduced to the work of Sasha Martin, of Global Table Adventure, after listening to a piece on her from the podcast The Splendid Table.  Sasha set out to make food from every country in the world in alphabetical order.  She made Korean Turkey, Indian Chana Masala, Yemeni Spiced Skillet Eggs, Emirati Date Crepes, Syrian Lentil Dip, the Ukrainian Pasta Bake, and more.  She, with a young daughter and picky husband, managed to learn and experience a lot all from the comfort of her own suburban Tulsa Oklahoma home.  She finds she is a better Mom and a better wife after completing her challenge.

I find this idea inspiring since I am always looking for ways to travel when I don’t have time off from work or the money to travel like I would like to.  Since food is such a large part of my travels I loved the idea of her challenging herself to bring the food culture of these locations in to her home.

Most recently I recreated the Belize Onion Habanero Sauce I raved about while travelling in the country.  This sauce can be put on top of just about anything.  It was traditionally put on tacos, tostadas, panades, salbutes, and garnaches.  I can see it on top of steak, eggs, and used just as a dip for your chips.  I modified the recipe a bit and made it my own but I believe it will be a staple on my home table from now moving forward.  I suppose it is my little way of bringing Belize home to me.  While Sasha’s recipes range from easy to very hard I love the idea as a place to come up with new dinner ideas for home.

My terribly unprofessional recipe for Belize Habanero Onion Sauce

*One medium onion diced

*One small to medium Habanero diced very small (Warning they are very hot!)

*Juice from one lime

*Diced fresh cilantro to taste

*Optional Finely diced tomato to taste (I like more my husband likes less)

*A teaspoon of white vinegar (more to taste)

Please visit her website for more information and recipes.

Has food encountered in your travels ever inspired you to recreate it from home?



12 thoughts on “Global Table Adventures – Sasha Martin

  1. Love this! I am not a good at cooking but Dutchie is, so most of the time he is the one who cook. We love Belize habanero sauce when we were in Ambergrys Caye. Although it was not as spicy as Indonesian sambal sauce 😀 but I love it! Thanks for the recipe!

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