Sacramento Antiquarian Book Fair

I stopped by the Sacramento Antiquarian Book Fair today at the Scottish Rite Temple here in downtown Sacramento.  Now, I wasn’t necessarily planning on making a blog post about it.  But, an outstanding number of vendors had vintage books on travel or on the subject of foreign countries.  I took a few photos to give you a feel for it.

I only wish I had to money to afford many of these little gems…

I hope you enjoy.  Happy reading and happy travels!

*A while back I posted on some of my favorite travel books.  Check it out…

**And for book lovers here was a short post on Powell’s City of books in Portland… Check Powell’s out…


4 thoughts on “Sacramento Antiquarian Book Fair

  1. Wow! Thank goodness all those books are on another continent or I would be so there!! I’m frothing at the mouth just looking at them and can smell all that glorious book dust through the net. This is definitely a serious case of book envy!

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