Rocky Mountain High And Ball Park Hot Dogs

In honor of my youngest brother’s impending summer nuptials both my brothers and I embarked on a “sibling bachelor party” weekend trip.   Much negotiation commenced on location of said trip.  We ultimately decided upon Denver.  Two of us had never been there for more than a layover and tickets were cheap!  With John Denver songs running through my mind it sounded like a brilliant idea.

Upon arriving to Denver we set out for a pub downtown.  (When you mention Denver to anyone they will regale you of stories of awesome tap rooms.)  We set out for a tap room called the Great Divide and immediately noticed a cultural shift between Colorado and California.  No food in Tap Rooms…and we were hungry.  We wound up next door at The Lobby where we had some fun food and great beer.

We next checked in to our hotel and began to explore the downtown.  We set out walking and saw any number of attractive buildings and interesting architecture.  We walked by The Mint and the Federal Reserve.  The Capitol.  The large art museum/slash Monty Python looking castle.  Ton of government buildings…

And finally Coors Park.  One of the two reasons we came.  The brothers and I took in a Colorado Rockies versus San Francisco Giants game.  Thank you Colorado for being good sports whilst we walked through your town bundled up in Giants gear.  Thank you for startling me anytime the Giants made a bad play.  (I have never been to a Baseball Park where the home team was not the one I was rooting for.)  Every time I clapped they booed and every time they stood up and clapped and high fived I was confused.

Cool town.  Cool beer.  Cool stadium.  Cool time with my brothers.

Stay Tuned for the second reason we came to the Denver area and a few fun extras because we had more time than we anticipated…


Tater Tot lunch at The Lobby in Denver



Random art throughout the city.


The Mint provides tours if you have a reservation


More interesting public art




Siblings downtown


Federal Reserve has a free small museum


Federal Reserve gives away free money.  You can test your hand at making your own money.


Coors Park Rock Pile



Lovely murals at Coors Park


Sunset at Coors Park



One must try the hot dogs at every major league park one visits

13 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High And Ball Park Hot Dogs

  1. Looks like you had fun! We are always exploring tap rooms and breweries but food is a dealbreaker for me- I’m always hungry 🙂 I’m also a big baseball fan but haven’t made it out to Coors Park from the east coast yet, looks like a great ballpark.

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  2. Looks like you had a great weekend! I don’t know much about baseball, but back in Europe you might get beaten up should you wander around town with the wrong supporter gear:) The Denverites seems nice! 🙂

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