Random San Francisco – Part One – Seward Mini Park

Some places you visit so often that you reach out for the random and unusual to keep it interesting.  I have been traveling regularly to SF since I was just out of high school and one of my best friends moved there to go to school.  I am no SF expert but when I visit I am always looking for interesting and different things in the city to explore.

Traveling from Sacramento through Oakland and over the Bay bridge we stopped at Treasure island for what turned out to be a cool and kitschy and crazy place.  More on that location later…

We headed towards the Castro area and parked our car in the area of Seward and Douglas.  It was here we found a charming San Francisco neighborhood and an awesome homemade park boasting a large dual-cement slide for children. The Seward Mini Park was built in 1973 after a young girl proposed it as an alternative to development.

Bring a piece of cardboard or borrow the many that are laying around and race a partner.  The park is traditionally for children and closes at dark.  (They apparently frown upon adults racing in the park without children.)  The park also boasts a neighborhood garden that looks to be in rehab at the moment.

After you take a slide have a nice walk around the neighborhood and look at some beautiful staircases and lovely architecture.  See if you can find the two houses with the false facades.

It’s parks like these that make me love SF and keep me coming back.  What’s your favorite random San Francisco location?

For more information and a more precise location of the park click here!

For more Random San Francisco (16th Avenue Mosaic Staircase) click here!

1845 1846  1833 1834 1838 1840 1842

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