Type A traveling

Are you the type of Type A person who creates a spreadsheet for every trip you take?  Do you pre-schedule every tour, hotel, method of transportation, etc ahead of time?  Do you pack so many things in to the day you don’t make any time for getting lost?  Is this just how your brain is wired?  Are you swimming in a sea of paper maps, guidebooks, and smartphone apps?

Or do you just roll with it?  Buy your tickets a day or two in advance?  Don’t book a hotel and just run across one when you get there?  Hope there will be affordable transportation at the airport when you land?  Skip all of the typical tourist destinations of your location and just chill in a bar or cafe to get the vibe of the locals?

Are you somewhere in between?

What kind of traveler are you?  What kind of traveler do you think I am? 😉

38 thoughts on “Type A traveling

    • Well, my spreadsheet is to mostly keep track of where we were staying because there were so many places and they were hard to find in Ireland without any good directions. But still, without it I would have looked like an accountant with paperwork everywhere. 😉

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    • Good for you! I knew I would hear from some people like you! I admire your adventurous spirit. Sometimes I will travel with only the first and last night’s hotel accounted for. I suppose that is when I am traveling alone or in small groups and in a place that allows for it. But, I have found that there is some fun in researching interesting properties to stay in. It is a double edged sword because it limits your movements but ensures you are staying in a cool place for an agrees upon price. All part of the fun!


  1. Well it depends. My Zodical sign is Virgo so you can imagine 😀 Although I tend to plan well ahead I always leave some room for unexpected surprises. Except when I travelled to Cuba – I only had airline tickets and hotel reservation for the first 2 nights in Havana and just a general direction where I’d love to travel.

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  2. I’m definitely in-between. I do like to plan and have a general idea on things to see and do when visiting a new place, but I also allow for flexibility and changing my mind. Hope 2016 is filled with a bunch of new adventures for you providing plenty of photographic opportunities.

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  3. I really like this post. I am definitely leaning more towards an AA traveller – I always organise flights/accom and transport before I travel but I definitely have days when I arrive where I don’t plan anything so I can walk around the city or do something unscheduled. It was nice to read others’ comments on the sort of travellers they are. We are all different and that is nice.

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  4. An interesting question Jenny. There was a time when we were Type A, but those days are long gone. Our philosophy now is that we see what we see, and it’s quality over quantity. We always leave as much flexibility as possible for changes, but we learned years ago that the two things that drive us crazy is struggling to find lodging and transport. These things we plan in advance as much as possible. So many of our trips involve long distance travel and jet lag, and for us there’s nothing worse than arriving after an exhausting trip, and not knowing where we’re going to sleep, or how we’re going to get there. But hey, there’s no right or wrong as long as people keep traveling. We wish you all the best for a happy and healthy 2016 – and Happy Trails! ~James

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    • I agree with everything you said! At a minimum I always have first and last day’s hotel taken care of. It’s misery when you are tired. And it’s no fun trying to figure out how to get there and what the directions are etc.

      I look forward to seeing where your travels take you two in the upcoming year! Cheers!


  5. Jenny, I pick you as a middle of the road person, with some thoughtful planning but an open mind to a spur of the moment thing if it looks good. I mostly wing it. Plane flights I purchase way, way in advance because I’m such a penny pincher about flight costs, but the rest I leave to chance. Who knows how long I’ll stay in a given town? What if I find something unbelievably great and stay too long at one destination and then can’t make it to the hotel? What if the travel is exceptionally fast and I reach my hotel at noon? I do try to research the area ahead of time, so I know some good things to find, but if I can make friends with a local and ask that person where to go, so much the better.

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  6. We’re somewhere in the middle I think – we’ll nearly always have all the flights and accommodation planned and booked before we go, but nothing more. I love the feeling of arriving in a new place and having nothing to do other than explore, and I think overplanning might put a damper on that for me

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