Gold Country Drives – Barns

During our little drive through the Gold Country it is easy to come across barn after barn after barn.  I stopped by and took a few photos of them hoping to give you a sense of the area.  I have always been fond of barns since we have had many of them through the years on properties homesteaded by my ancestors.  Here are a few we stumbled upon that make me wonder what might be inside of them.

Submitted as part of Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge.

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31 thoughts on “Gold Country Drives – Barns

  1. Wonderful photos. When we were in the Midwest this past summer, I was constantly wanting to photograph barns. Unfortunately (husband thinks fortunately), we usually had trouble finding a spot to pull over and park. I sure kept trying though. Love those old barns.

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    • I feel the same way. I could take three hours to drive ten miles if I stopped every time I wanted to take a photo. But, sometimes you just can’t help yourself! It is also hard when sometimes there are power lines or something in the way of a good shot.

      It was really fun to spend the day just driving slowly and exploring and stopping for photos as often as I liked. My husband was a good sport this day. 😉

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  2. Hi Jenny. Lovely barns indeed. I am partial to them too.
    And a donkey too! They’re almost extinct in our parts of the world now aren’t they?
    (Been out of the way this week, due to a major Mac crash. Fried. Hope to get it back with a new motherboard next week. Meanwhile, been using another computer with very different setups… Aggravating)
    Be good.

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