Paris – Architecture

Surprise!  I went to Paris.  I am back and have finally finished going through all of my photos.  I hope to post some interesting finds over the coming weeks.  I do hope you will enjoy my journey!

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge gave me inspiration to share my first Paris photo.  That of a very unusual building called the Centre Pompidou in the 4th Arrondissement near Les Halles.  (Hadn’t really figured out how to start so thanks Cee!)  I am not sure this building is to my taste but I give the architects bonus points for having the moxie to build something like this in Paris!  The building houses a public library, center for music, and a Modern Art Museum.  (Appropriate.)


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – Architecture

France is truly one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited.  For other posts from previous trips to Paris and France please visit my page here!

26 thoughts on “Paris – Architecture

  1. The concept of the building is that it is ‘turned inside out’. The exterior of the building is very distinctive and revolutionary, so I was excited to see inside. However, I found the interior very bland and oddly laid out – that is to say, if you are in a time crunch, don’t worry about getting inside.

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