Giverny – Monet’s Masterpiece – Part Deux

So, it turns out I had too many photos to put in one post.  So, lucky you I made another!  A pleasant surprise when visiting Giverny was the interior of Monet’s beautiful home.  It took me a lot to put away my camera and to leave the garden but that is exactly what I did.  I didn’t really have any expectations about the house since I really came for the garden.  I was pleasantly surprised by a large house with lots of light that was comfortable and smartly put together.

The lovely building, painted pink and green (it somehow weirdly works), has been lovingly restored to what it looked like in Monet’s day.  Monet had a lovely studio and an apparent love for Japanese art.  It was also a joy to view his gardens from every window and angle in the home.

Additionally, one can walk down to look at Monet’s pond where he painted the famous waterlilies and Japanese bridges.  The tulips followed us and we got a magnificent view of the pond.  The waterlilies weren’t out and the wisteria was only begin to bloom.  But with all the tulip action nothing was going to ruin my mood, not the rain, the clouds, or the cool weather.

Can anyone think of a place that gave more inspiration to a single artist that Giverny?  I am sure they are out there I just can’t think of any.  What about locations, like this, that were built just as an artist’s muse?

To see my previous Giverny Monet post highlighting the triumphant tulips please click here.

45 thoughts on “Giverny – Monet’s Masterpiece – Part Deux

  1. I love that the house or garden was designed so all the windows had the view. What an inspiring place for an artist. Your photos are gorgeous and you can likely hear me having a happy sigh from here.

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  2. Your photos are beautiful, as always! I’d love to visit Monet’s garden – so serene and inspirational, like his work. And the house is beautiful as well!
    Also – if you’ll allow me to extend the definition of artist to include writers, I’m thinking of Ernest Hemingway who was so inspired by Spain, Paris and Cuba, where he lived in later life.

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  3. Beautiful photos as always. I love the rowboat photo; it’s almost monochromatic with so many shades of green. Since it was 104 degrees here today, it’s great to such a lush, colorful garden. I could see how being surrounded by such beauty would inspire creativity.

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  4. Great photos, the inside of the house looks really interesting. When you mentioned artists inspired by place I thought of David Hockney’s collection of Yorkshire landscapes (exhibited around 2012). The bright colours and simple reminded me of pictures that Monet painted in his garden when his eyes were really bad (cataracts I think) and he could only see bright colours. Some of those pictures are almost entirely red, and they are supposed to be the water lilies – fascinating

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  6. Love it. The house. Sooo French. To have a feeling of where Monnet lived. The tulips in such variety. and that bridge. He must have painted dozens and dozens and dozens paintings of that same bridge even as his sight failed and he became practically blind. There is a series at Marmottan.

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