Lake Tahoe Wooden Boat Show 2016 – Race Boat Edition

Any excuse to visit Lake Tahoe is a good excuse.  With temperatures in Sacramento at 108 degrees (Around 42 degrees for my Celsius loving friends) it was time to beat the heat and leave town.

Each year Lake Tahoe hosts a vintage Wooden Boat show in the Tahoe Keys and Homewood.  We have attended before but this year was a treat with the show featuring race boats.  The jet engines are what excites my husband.  For me, I just shake my head at hand made wooden boats made in the 30’s and 40’s being outfitted with ridiculously large engines that at any moment could tear them and their driver’s apart.  But, there is no denying how beautiful the craftsmanship and the lines of these machines are.  And I can certainly appreciate the skill, moxie, and $$$ it takes someone to outfit a boat with a jet engine.

If these boats belong anywhere other than with George Clooney on Lago di Como or Venice they belong here on my beloved Lake Tahoe.  Has anyone had the luxury of taking a cruise in a boat like this?  What about any other unusual watercraft?


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21 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe Wooden Boat Show 2016 – Race Boat Edition

    • Wonderful to hear. It’s hotter than normal up there right now and very smokey from some of the fires in California. But, hopefully they are loving it nonetheless. It is such a pretty place and there is so much to do. Thanks for passing me along to them. Cheers.

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