Are we alone?

In honor of Halloween I thought I would repost a few scary, creepy, or unusual posts. Check out Area 51! Do you believe?

Bulldog Travels / Photos By Jenny

Ever wonder if there is anyone or anything else out there? A great place to test your theory is Area 51 and the lonely stretch of Nevada highway 375 that straddles it. It’s easy to see why the place is shrouded in mystery. Hundreds of miles of lonely highway next to a secret military base. But who am I to judge? We stopped for the worst lunch possible at the Little Alienn coffee shop made famous in the movie Paul. . It was there I bought the mug that would later seriously burn my hand angrily coming out of the microwave. Maybe there is more to this alien thing??

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15 thoughts on “Are we alone?

  1. We are definitely not alone, I am just waiting to see what happens in the future. With all the secrecy going on in our government today, they might be walking amongst us and we just go on with our day to day actions. What if we did find out? One word, PANIC!!!

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  2. Our world – a tiny speck in a huge enormous universe. I think it might be egocentric for us to assume we are the only planet with life on it! Highly unlikely. Of course extraterrestial activity has been well hidden and covered up by governments.


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