Bataclan Anniversary – Paris

After returning from Paris last spring I set off to write a flurry of posts about all the glorious things I saw in Paris.  One that stumped me however was about the Bataclan nightclub.  I didn’t know how to write about it.  We visited and saw that it was boarded up and gated.  We stood for a time in the pretty little park across the street observing the theater, the same place all of the press people stood for so many days.  I kept putting off writing about it and it kept nagging at me.  The incident that took place there made me sad and I could never find the words to respectfully write about it.  Further terror attacks plagued France and made it even harder for me to write about it.

Well, it has been a year, and I saw in the news that Sting will be re-opening the club!  I feel like the time is finally right to focus on the positive instead of a negative.  This makes me very happy that a large headliner will be re-opening the club in an act of defiance and pride for the Parisian people, for the French people, and for everyone left in the world that stands for peace.  Nous sommes Bataclan.  Nous sommes France. Nous sommes un.


17 thoughts on “Bataclan Anniversary – Paris

  1. As I have visited disaster sites over the years, it’s changed my perspective of all the old memorials that I have seen. The memorial in Greenpoint Brooklyn for people who lost their lives in British ships during the Revolutionary War (something I knew nothing about from history books) isn’t just a sculpture anymore; it’s a statement about the human condition. As painful as it is, it has been interesting to watch the progression of lower Manhattan. And, as I travel, I have more empathy for those historical memorials in light of current events.

    It’s great that you visited the Bataclan while boarded up and hopefully you will see it again as it returns to life.

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  2. Thank you Jenny for this post. On November 13th, I thought all day of posting something. Just in the memory of those who were slaughtered there and in the cafés nearby. I just couldn’t do it. Too close to home I guess. So, thank you for your post.

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