Somewhere in Italy


I took these photos years ago in Northern Italy. I cannot remember for the life of me where it was taken or what this place is. (Taken at a time in my life when I didn’t track my every move in a journal and GPS on photos didn’t exist!)  I think of this place from time to time because it is so beautiful  and peaceful.

Anyone have any idea where and what it is?

*Update! Thanks to other bloggers we have identified it as Hermitage Santa Caterina del Sasso! I knew we would figure it out! 

15 thoughts on “Somewhere in Italy

  1. Lake of Cuomo maybe? I wouldn’t vouch on it.
    I too tend to forget some details of places.
    Reason why I file photos away in specific folders.
    (Until I erase them!)
    What’s Baby C’s latest trick? (They normally invent something new all the time)


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