San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – MOMA

San Francisco is home to a world class modern art museum called the MOMA. It recently underwent a multi-year facelift. I had been meaning to check it out and the opportunity finally presented itself recently.  The building is gorgeous boasting six levels of art with an outdoor living wall, oculus bridge, outdoor fresh air sculptures, and an outdoor terrace with art and a view. Highlights for me were the Thomas Saraceno’s Stillness in Motion: Cloud City, special Matisse collection, Diane Arbus photography portrait collection, and the British Sculptures.

The museum has a really great app to keep people interested as they plan their trip and walk through the exhibits. It provides information on each floor and collection and even immersive walks. One can buy tickets ahead to save valuable time waiting in line. I recommend getting  there early as it can get pretty busy which can take away from the vibe. 

Rothko has been a favorite of mine since I was in high school and was dumb enough to think I could easily paint something this simple. Spoiler Alert: It’s harder than it looks.

What do you think this person is thinking?

I love this painting. And it made me smile to watch hoards of young people taking selfies in front of it. Yes, not great Museum behavior. But, it made me smile to watch lots of young kids enjoying the art one way or the other.

This piece reminded me of the white rock found at Newgrange in Ireland. It was arranged in a beautiful circular pattern on the ground. I loved it.

Probably my favorite exhibit was Thomas Saraceno’s Stillness in Motion: Cloud City.

Everything in this exhibit seemed floating on air if by magic

The use of mirrors was perfect and helped with the air of weightlessness and mystery

This young lady was sketching a Matisse and was doing a great job!

Special exhibit on now is Matisse/Diebenkorn

The museum is making an effort to interest young people. Near one of the cafes they have a machine where you can make your own selfie art. I couldn’t help myself.

Living wall

Simply gorgeous

For another silly post on the MOMA clickity clickity here.

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33 thoughts on “San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – MOMA

  1. Several people I follow and know have been to MOMA. And everyone raves about the experience. None have captured it with photos quite as well as you have. It has been several years since I was there. It is definitely time to go again. Thanks. –Curt

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  2. So glad you could escape to the MOMA. 🙂
    There are so many artists… were there any Mondrian? Pollock?
    And I also appreciate very much that schools bring the younguns: the young lady sketching a Matisse was great.
    (Not to mention the self-portrait of the artist at the end!) 😉
    Be good Jenny.


    • Lol about the cheekbones. I am wondering if my baby got them but we will have to wait for years of chubby cheeks to slim down on him before we know.

      MOCA/MOCHA very different. Ha ha. It’s all fun! Thanks for making me laugh.

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