Foggy Sacramento Morning

Greetings from a foggy Sacramento morning. Typically the weather turns for us here around Halloween. I feel likes it’s only just starting now a bit late. Running errands in Sacramento today made it feel like winter especially stumbling upon workers getting the Christmas tree ready for the tree lighting at the state capitol.

The capitol sits on a splendid park which I need to properly photograph for you one of these days. I’ve photographed countless weddings here and photoshoots on the capitol steps. I suppose because of that I never head down for fun to shoot the park.

Workers setting up for the tree lighting at the capitolThe tower bridge is an icon of Sacramento. Its beautiful golden color shines bright day and night. Foggy morning over the Tower bridgeThe Crocker Art Museum is a world class art museum which has grown leaps and bounds over the years. It’s a must visit location when in Sacramento. Stroll along the river walk when you are done and finish at one of the wonderful eateries in historic old town Sacramento. The Crocker Art museum has changed so much since I was a kid but it remains a Sacramento icon and travel staple

Happy Fall and early Winter everyone. Stay warm!

27 thoughts on “Foggy Sacramento Morning

  1. Thanks for the tour Jenny. (I wonder how I missed your post… Hmmm)
    Sacramento is definitely on my list. 🙂
    And happy birthday. It’s the mother who really needs to be congratulated.
    To-morrow is your day off. Will you postpone the celebration to tomorrow?

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  2. Hey, you might expect some fog where you are, but get this: it’s been so foggy in Abu Dhabi (a desert remember) that you can’t see across the street! Love these photos. However, I might mention, they loaded very slowly on my computer, did you make them small?

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      • I know, weird eh! There is a lot of humidity here, but my theory is that it’s all this concrete they’ve added to it. And I just went to your site again, and they loaded fine, so maybe it was my laptop and not your photos!!

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        • Thanks for helping me troubleshoot!

          Maybe all that development is changing the weather there in the desert!

          During the drought here it seemed like there was no fog for a few years. Now it seems to be back which is good of course.


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