Fairytale Town- Sacramento, California

Fairytale town, located in Land Park, is a staple for all young Sacramentans. I came here as a kid and recently took my young son for the first time. Memories came flooding back. The park has been gussied up thank goodness with fresh paint and new additions everywhere.  This is great since it was a little tired in the 70’s when I was a kid.  (Doing the math though, it makes sense, because most of the park was built in the 50’s so it was already old when I was running around climbing on fantastic representations of our favorite fairytales.)

The crooked mile is as crooked as I remember, the old lady is still living in her shoe, the three little pigs are probably on their 20th generation by now, and kids can still have a safe place to run around and be free even on a life size piece of Swiss cheese if they so desire.

I’ve never heard of a place like this anywhere else short of Disneyland and the other large, busy, and expensive amusement parks.  Does anyone have anything like this on their end of the world?

Mind you head!

We were treated to a violin concert by a group of little ones.

The crooked mile may not be an actual mile but it still charms the kids the same way it did when I was young.

11 thoughts on “Fairytale Town- Sacramento, California

  1. What a beautiful beautiful park! I love that you are able to visit a place like this that feels more hometown and not so Disney. Also, I love that you visited it as a child too. Would you believe, we have almost the exact same thing here in Oregon! I thought ours was the only one and I am delighted to find yours too. Now I’m interested in the history of Fairytale Town, since it was built before Enchanted Forest. I’d love to know whose idea it was and how they went about building it. It’s our family tradition to go to Enchanted Forest every year for Tara’s birthday, so we have visited often (except this year, since Tara turns 21 in a couple weeks and requested instead to tour the winery next door to Enchanted Forest! ha ha) Check out Oregon’s version: https://crystaltrulove.wordpress.com/2015/08/05/enchantment/

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