SeaQuest – Folsom, California

Seaquest opened a branch in Folsom, California and I was fortunate enough to be gifted an annual family pass.  I stopped in to see what all the fuss was about and saw a line of hundreds out the door!  Soooo, I stopped by again another day after the kids were back in school and found it to be an interesting an enjoyable visit.  It boasts turtles which can be touches and petted, a bird sanctuary with parakeets and lorikeets, piglets, lizards, frogs, lots of fish, rays, snakes, and ducks.   I must say I can’t believe it is the safest or healthiest of habitats for the animals which leaves me a little unsettled.  But, I can say it is a spectacular way to teach and inspire children about animals, sea life, and the ocean by allowing them to see, touch, smell, talk to, and interact with the animals.  Nevertheless, I am not sure how much it teaches about management and care of wildlife…

These guys always look like they are smiling from this angle

Folks can snorkel with and touch the animals

Pool with a view!

Petting zoo for little ones…surprised they don’t make everyone mandatorily wash their hands before and after…


13 thoughts on “SeaQuest – Folsom, California

  1. At a cat cafe I saw that the room had been designed with a glass cubby in the back to allow cats to get away from petting human hands. Visitors could see them, but couldn’t get close. Seems like that would be a good idea in a petting zoo, and I hope there were some places the critters could go if they had really had enough. I noticed you said that some of the animals were removed so they could get a break. That’s good.

    On the other hand, I loved the opportunity to take my Tara to zoos and aquariums while they were growing up. It was a great way to get the little brain thinking and asking questions and noticing stuff. It would be sad if we didn’t have these kinds of places. Not many of us will get a chance to see a ray in its natural environment.

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