Quarantine Walk

I am healthy and so far my family is healthy.  I am lucky enough to have a job.  I am lucky enough to be working from home.  For these things I am grateful.  Having said that I am restless as are many of you.  After not having left the house for a month except for grocery runs and trips to work it was time to take a drive.  Along the way to my destination I saw a few parked cars at the side of the road and a well travelled equestrian path I had never noticed before in the Auburn State Recreational Area.  Equipped with my mask and miles of social distancing space I took a short morning walk which refreshed me completely.

I share this wondering how all of you traveler’s are holding up?  How are you recharging while safely quarantining?  I hope all of you are well and your families are well and you are travelling in your minds.  I appreciate the freedoms we had up until just recently and I look forward to being able to plan safe travels soon.  I also look forward more than ever to hear all about your upcoming safe travels.  Until then stay well and travel in your dreams.

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