Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant

Years ago the Sacramento area was powered by nuclear. From off in the distance you could always see the twin cones. As a kid I was sure if you got too close your face would melt off like the bad guy in Indiana Jones. Well, the days of nuclear are gone and solar has moved in. What seems like hundreds and hundreds of acres of solar panels now surround the power plant. (They own the property so why not!?) And also the power company hosts a beautiful little campground where campers can enjoy a lovely tree surrounded man-made lake. (I have to assume this lake was built for the purposes of melt down but what do I know.) Anyway, I digress. I’ve always found the smoke stacks interesting looking and thought I would finally stop in for a quick visit and a few photos. Hopefully I am none the more radioactive for it. Cheers!

12 thoughts on “Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant

  1. During my single days, my girlfriend and I would visit a Lake Michigan beach north of Chicago and there was the Zion Nuclear Power Plant just to the north of us. We would laugh about glowing in the dark and were fascinated about the water color near the plant.
    Your post prompted me to Google the latest info on that plant … retired in 1998. BTW, After all that time spent at the beach near the power plant, I don’t glow in the dark 😁

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    • Glad you don’t glow in the dark! Funny how we all jokes about that stuff. They have powered down a lot of our plants in California. Not building any new damns or hydro either. Not sure how we are gonna power this big state moving forwards. Solar I guess…☀️ 🤷🏼‍♀️

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  2. When I was in college, as a part of a study tour, I went to a nuclear power plant that was built for research purposes. I have to admit, despite all the safety precautions, images from movies like Indiana Jones kept haunting my mind when I was inside the facility. However, at the same time it was so cool to see something we don’t normally see.

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