California Fires

It’s fire season in California again. I can only remember a handful of big fires growing up in this state as a kid. Now this is the new norm every year from probably about June-December. The Forest Service has even taken the monumental position of closing the Forests because if another fire kicks off they don’t have the resources to evacuate people and put out the fire. (Everyone is ok!) It’s crazy times. It’s devastating and dangerous for many; my family being impacted this time by the Caldor Fire. This photo was taken at a reservoir called Stumpy Meadows when the smoke from the Dixie fire was wafting over. If you glance quickly it looks like cool fog…

It’s been a while since I posted. I hope all of my friends out there are well. It seems many of us aren’t traveling much for many reasons COVID likely being one of them. Take care everyone. Happy Travels.

10 thoughts on “California Fires

  1. Wow, Jenny. That smoke looks thick. Big fires have been becoming an annual norm up here in Canada as well. It is very disconcerting what things will be like 10-20 years into the future will be. Hoping your family can readjust okay after being impacted by the Calder fire. Hope you are keeping well! 🙏

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  2. I am sorry to hear about how the fire has impacted your family, and the loss of cattle too. I am sure you are right, that this is our new norm. I am protected where I live; on the wet Oregon coast, and I am constantly grateful for that protection from fire (but not from the smoke). Wildfires are so inevitable and so widespread that of course it impacts people I care about. It also saddens me to hear about the devastating wildfires around the world now too. How much forest is left to be burned? It’s so sad.

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