The ever changing Travel Journal

Everywhere you go now you see people typing on their laptops, tablets, or smartphones.  Visiting a coffee shop now, when you actually want a cup of coffee, is like finding a parking place among all those clicking away on their devices.  While I admire all of these folk’s work ethic it reminds me of my old hand written travel journals. ( It also reminded me of a post on my friend Indah’s gorgeous travel blog Indah’s Monochrome Travel Journal Post who was herself inspired by the following post from PhoTrablogger. )

When I first started traveling I kept hand written notes and used the journals as a place to store my paper memories like receipts, pamphlets, tickets, etc.  In fact, one amusing entry I read went like this…”Damn, I left my glue stick at home!”  That made me laugh.  I used these journals to remember what order I visited places, what the names of all the places were after I forgot them likely 24 hours later, it allowed me to write down what I was thinking, make notes on things to do when I returned, and mostly just to write or track anything I wanted.

Well, previously my journals were all hand written.  On my most recent big trip I used my iPhone instead.  While it was terribly convenient it wasn’t terribly inspired.  After reviewing entries in my old journals it made me realize I never want to use the phone or an app again.  It just isn’t the same as my silly rants, my terrible but amusing drawings, and my glue stick sorry excuse for a scrapbook.

I am now officially on the search for a new glue stick and my next interesting and blank travel journal.  How do you like to track your travels?  Do you still hand write your thoughts?  Do you use a laptop or tablet or even a voice recorder?  I always admire those that write and blog and post while on their vacation but prefer to ruminate over my travels after I return home.

An example of a few of my travel journals one from Costa Rica in 2006 and one from Scotland and Germany in 2000.

Apparently, I felt compelled to illustrate my journey towards Panama. (I missed my calling as a cartoonist.)  😉

I watched the great Leather back Turtles lay their eggs on a sandy beach in the middle of the night and must have been in the mood to draw another little cartoon.  Those little baby turtles are likely now nine years old!

I felt the need to document a tasty candy bar while in Scotland.  (Note: I wrote “Yummy” with an arrow if it wasn’t obvious enough.)  🙂

I always like to keep tickets from anywhere I go as a fun memento.

21st Century & functional yet uninspired travel journal.  ;(

What travel journals or method of tracking your journals do you use? What has worked or not worked? Anyone have a favorite type of journal?

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #14 – Scottish Tartan Cabs – Edinburgh

Hello all, I caught this little beauty near Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh Scotland.  I am pretty sure he was a taxi cab but I would love to just think some normal guy was driving around in a car like this.  I mean, wouldn’t you?  Seeing little things like this are what travel is about for me.  I thought I would share my odd ball photo as part of Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge.  For more strange and interesting photos check out her Odd Ball Photo Page!  Cee’s Odd Ball.


And for more car related photos check out my post on LeMans Car Museum and LeMay Car Museums.

Scottish Independence – A noble heart can know no ease without freedom

With a historic vote expected on September 18th for or against Scottish Independence I pulled out some old photo albums. I was fortunate enough to travel to Scotland in 2000 with a friend Karon and her Mom. (It is amazing to think that was 14 years ago.  It feels like just yesterday.) We visited the energetic, witty, and altogether amazing Gladys, Karon’s Scottish grandmother who resides in Edinburgh.

Scotland has fought a series of wars of Independence eventually uniting their government with England in the 1700’s. Many a life was lost fighting for and against this sort of a union. It is amazing to see that it will all come down to a simple vote with, hopefully, no further bloodshed.

I am not here to tell my personal opinion on the matter because surely it “dossna” matter. However, a series of photos from Melrose Abbey seem interesting and appropriate. This Abbey shaped like a crucifix has a modern burial marker for what is believed to be Robert The Bruce’s heart. It is thought that his heart was returned here from a crusade in the 1300’s and eventually reburied on the grounds. I was taken by the small and lovely marker that states “A noble hart may have nane ease gif freedom failye.” The all knowing internet tells me this roughly translates to “A noble heart can know no ease without freedom.”

I hope Scotland eases it collective heart with or without freedom, whatever they choose on September 18th.,_2014

Robert the Bruce’s Burial marker

Melrose Abbey

Melrose Abbey

Melrose Abbey