Scottish Independence – A noble heart can know no ease without freedom

With a historic vote expected on September 18th for or against Scottish Independence I pulled out some old photo albums. I was fortunate enough to travel to Scotland in 2000 with a friend Karon and her Mom. (It is amazing to think that was 14 years ago.  It feels like just yesterday.) We visited the energetic, witty, and altogether amazing Gladys, Karon’s Scottish grandmother who resides in Edinburgh.

Scotland has fought a series of wars of Independence eventually uniting their government with England in the 1700’s. Many a life was lost fighting for and against this sort of a union. It is amazing to see that it will all come down to a simple vote with, hopefully, no further bloodshed.

I am not here to tell my personal opinion on the matter because surely it “dossna” matter. However, a series of photos from Melrose Abbey seem interesting and appropriate. This Abbey shaped like a crucifix has a modern burial marker for what is believed to be Robert The Bruce’s heart. It is thought that his heart was returned here from a crusade in the 1300’s and eventually reburied on the grounds. I was taken by the small and lovely marker that states “A noble hart may have nane ease gif freedom failye.” The all knowing internet tells me this roughly translates to “A noble heart can know no ease without freedom.”

I hope Scotland eases it collective heart with or without freedom, whatever they choose on September 18th.,_2014

Robert the Bruce’s Burial marker

Melrose Abbey

Melrose Abbey

Melrose Abbey

2 thoughts on “Scottish Independence – A noble heart can know no ease without freedom

  1. The legend of Bruce’s heart was in respect of Bruce’s wish to go on crusade and instead his heart was placed in a casket and entrusted to James Douglas (th black Douglas)who set off for the holy land but diverted to Spain to assist the Spanish king to remove the Moors. Ambushed by the Moorish forces the story is that Douglas threw the casket into the ranks of the enemy shouting “now pass thou onwards before us
    Brave heart, as thou was wont and I will follow thee or die”
    He died and his body and the casket were brought back to Scotland.

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