Tulip Time

It’s tulip time in my backyard! Ever since visiting Monet’s Giverny outside of Paris and also Crystal Hermitage in the Sierra Foothills and having my Tulip mind blown I have wanted to plant some of my own. I kind of went nuts last fall and planted an enormous amount. Here is one of my favorites for spring. Sending you sunshine and light from sunny California.

Giverny Village

Once I had my fill of Monet and his tulips we still had the better part of an afternoon before we needed to take the train back to Paris.  The photographer side of me wanted to go back to take more photos after the light changed but the rain started, and kept coming, and then the wind kicked up.  So, relishing in the country air free from the hustle and bustle of Paris we went for a rainy and windy walk through town.

We had lunch at the Hotel la Mustardiere and visited the church and cemetery where Monet and his family were laid to rest.  We stopped by some antique stores and ultimately escaped the rain at the Musee des Impressionnismes who was holding a Caillebotte exhibit.



We had dinner at the Hotel Baudy which holds an impressionist history of its own.  American artists descended upon it once they found out Monet lived in town.  The hotel was partial to artists and put them up even creating a lovely studio on the grounds for them to work in.

Finally we rushed to the bus that took us out of town and to the train.  We had one final look at the mustard fields that were surely inspiration to Monet once upon a time.



Has anyone been to Giverny or Monet’s garden during a different time of the year that can comment on how different it may have looked?

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