Postcards from China Town – San Francisco

My Huz and I went to San Francisco for a concert recently.  Like usual we always take any opportunity to visit the city as a chance to explore some portion of it we haven’t explored before.  So this time we parked the car at the concert venue and Uber-ed over to China Town.  (Doesn’t that sound hip!?) I have driven through China Town plenty of times.  But, we had never taken the opportunity to walk around and explore the shops and people watch before.

A few highlights for me were the street art, the grocers with stores full of unidentifiable food stuffs, the junk shops full of crazy stuff you can’t live without, and the locals gambling publicly in the parks.

The south entrance to China Town

Locals gambling very seriously out in the open air park

Lots of interesting street art around


Old signage still proudly stands

I honestly didn’t know what most of the stuff for sale was but it was still interesting to look at

$268 per pound? Woah.

Chop sticks anyone?


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Making the most of a layover – Chicago Style

I recently took my parents on a trip to Ireland.  My Mom was concerned about such a long flight from California so we decided to take a layover on the way there and the way back.  We were somewhat at the liberty of the airlines on where we could go but we settled on Chicago because my parents had never been there and I love that town!

Despite a few ridiculously strange taxi and Uber rides we had a wonderful time.  We went downtown and walked along the riverfront.  We ate dinner at Gino’s East and stopped by Wrigley Field for a peak at our beloved Cubs.

Have you ever taken a fun layover?  Would you recommend going straight through and just getting there or enjoying yourself along the way like we did?

You’ll never guess where our layover on the way back was…stay tuned.










If I don’t come home call my mother and tell her I love her

I Uber-ed! What is an Uber? Well the young kid with hip multi colored glasses at my hotel check in desk tells me it’s the easiest and cheapest way to travel these days. I needed to get from the hotel to the park cheaply and quickly. I didn’t have much time and wanted to maximize it. So cute glasses guy gave me a coupon code for a free ride and the deal was sealed. I downloaded the Uber app and saw a car would pick me up in two minutes. It included a photo of my driver, a photo of the car, and an estimate of the fare. (Cheaper than a taxi even if I had to pay.) I was picked up in a clean car by a charming Ethiopian fellow and was offered a bottle of water. At this point I pretended I was a celebrity and enjoyed a peaceful and easy journey to my destination with pleasant conversation. I’ll never travel any other way ever again. Not only was I not killed by a homicidal maniac through an app I actually enjoyed the process and loved giving my money directly to the driver. I would highly recommend Uber to anyone traveling without a car! (Sorry taxi and blue shuttle people!)