Making the most of a layover – Chicago Style

I recently took my parents on a trip to Ireland.  My Mom was concerned about such a long flight from California so we decided to take a layover on the way there and the way back.  We were somewhat at the liberty of the airlines on where we could go but we settled on Chicago because my parents had never been there and I love that town!

Despite a few ridiculously strange taxi and Uber rides we had a wonderful time.  We went downtown and walked along the riverfront.  We ate dinner at Gino’s East and stopped by Wrigley Field for a peak at our beloved Cubs.

Have you ever taken a fun layover?  Would you recommend going straight through and just getting there or enjoying yourself along the way like we did?

You’ll never guess where our layover on the way back was…stay tuned.










9 thoughts on “Making the most of a layover – Chicago Style

  1. We often do a couple of nights in London on our way over from Florida to South Africa. It’s such a treat not to have to do two night flights back to back, and helps us to get over the jet lag too. Looks like yuo had some delicious fun in Chicago. I have yet to go there. 🙂

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    • It’s a great town to visit. I recommend the architecture boat tour.

      And yes London is another wonderful place for a layover. I visited the British museum there two years ago on the way home from Ireland.


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