Chateua des Tertres – Loire Valley – Onzain France

With a little extra effort one can really add a lot of meaning and enjoyment by not only traveling to amazing places but also sleeping in amazing places! When I travel I always attempt to find interesting places to stay that are still affordable.  Let’s face it I am not rich and famous. But, sometimes I get lucky.  I found Chateua des Tertres, located in the Loire Valley, through  It was very affordable, included breakfast, and turned out to be one of my favorite places to stay in France.  (Although, to be fair they were all wonderful.)

As if staying in a 19th century manor wasn’t enough we were awakened to hot air balloons floating by our airspace.  I believe I turned to my husband and exclaimed, “Really?  Is this actually happening?”  The photo of the balloons were taken from my hotel window seat!  I have to assume the passengers in the balloon were taking a morning tour of the nearby Chateaus and probably enjoying their view as much as I was enjoying mine.

The Loire Valley is full of history, archaeology, and of course food and wine.  And it just happens to be gloriously beautiful.   It’s hard to come home when you visit places like this.

Lovely view of the front of the Chateau



This actually happened!  I took this photo right out the front of the house through our hotel french windows.


On a chilly fall morning we took advantage of the hotel’s bicycle collection and rode through the grounds.





View from the rear of the house


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