Disneyland all decked out for Halloween

Disneyland gets all dressed up in fall clothes for Halloween. Who knew? Fall ribbon and flowers everywhere. Hay bales and pumpkins shaped like a mouse head. Jack Skellinton takes over the Haunted Mansion literally gutting and replacing the ride with new stuff. Children could enjoy a harvest festival full of crafts, pumpkin carving, face painting, and Disney characters dressed up on Halloween and fall costumes. Every Disney fanatic from all corners of the world dress up in costumes or various glow in the dark and pumpkin inspired Mickey t-shirts. Disney puts on a special Halloween street party. They even have Halloween themed fireworks shows at the end of the night.

Having been to Disneyland far too many time to count in polite company visiting for Halloween was a treat. Kids are even extra excited. Adults and inbetweeners are jazzed and in to it. Disney is always magical for children. But, visiting the parks during a holiday season makes it extra special for adults.


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